I just wanted to say thanks for making our evening so special. The next day everyone was talking about how fantastic you were and how they could not figure out how you did what you did. 
Jonathan Willis, Corporate Private Event

 Derek, your show was just so perfect! All my expectations and more... Everyone was talking about your appearance on Sunday — "How did he do that?" "How can that be possible?" Many thanks! 
Dan & Rebecca, Residential Private Party

 You were truly amazing Derek and all the guests ABSOLUTELY loved you! Thank you for being part of our wedding, I will definitely be recommending you to all of my friends. Thank you! 
Cheryl Yamada, Wedding Planner

Treat Your Guests to a Unique Experience!

     Can you remember back to a time when everything in the world seemed a little bit magical?

     As we grow older, we begin to look at things with a more logical eye... often losing our ability to feel that same sense of amazement we experienced as a child.

     Hello... my name is Derek Donavan, and as a psychological illusionist I want your guests to once again escape to more innocent times—where logic gives way to childlike wonder. Is it really possible for someone to divine the name of your childhood pet? A specific image you're picturing in your head? The exact colors you will choose to color in a drawing?

     Trust me, some people WILL believe; and if only for a moment... rediscover that elusive feeling of wonderment as they question what is real—and what is really possible. My mentalism show is a humorous and thought provoking experience that will continue to be a topic of conversation well after the show has ended. Your guests will be actively involved throughout the entire performance because THEY are the real stars of the show.


A Little About Myself

     For as long as I can remember, I always seemed to just know things that others didn't. Ironically, I didn't know why I had this unique ability, but later in life I learned that this is known as "expert intuition." As a result, I developed a real fascination with the art of mental magic, and eventually learned how to turn my intuitive talents into an entertaining presentation filled with unbelievable examples of psychological illusion.

     I call myself a psychological illusionist because the term "mentalist" (to me anyway) implies that one possesses some kind of psychic or clairvoyant ability…and I have never claimed to have these special abilities. It's my belief that most people are already skilled mind readers in their own right, using facial expression, voice intonation, body language, and their own life experience to infer what others are thinking and feeling. I truly believe that what I do is achievable by anyone with the passion and desire to learn.

     I love doing what I do because I am fascinated with the power and precision of the human mind. I've read through volumes of psychological research, and consulted with several first-rate neurologists to study exactly how the human brain works. As a performer, I attempt to use this knowledge to influence the choices and decisions of the audience; and if you're skeptical about all of this, believe me I completely understand. For some people, seeing is believing...and for the others, I can only leave it to them to reach their own conclusions.




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